Natural Remedies for cracked heals

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  • Fry Neem leaves till black in Ghee.  Filter.  Add equal Beeswax.  Apply externally.
  • Mix a little turmeric powder with Castor oil.  Add a little Lime till it becomes red.  Apply on feet daily at night for a week.
  • Grind the leaves of Sampangi tree and apply.
  • Apply Nutmeg paste.  It is very effective.
  • Performing Varuna Mudra helps remove excess heat from the body.; helps cure excessive thirst; helps in curing skin diseases and helps in healing cracked skin, blisters, etc. on the soles.


  • Extract the juice of Mehandi leaves and apply all over the feet and soles in the mornings and at bedtime.
  • Crush the leaves of Adathoda Vasica, extract juice and apply all over the feet and soles at night.  Wash off in the morning.
  • Apply the juice of Bittergourd leaves.

About the Author: Vijayalakshmi

Smt. Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naturopath. She has given many lectures at AYUSH, a Govt. of India undertaking. She is also a specialist in Colour Therapy and Organic Farming.

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