Labour Pains & Post Natal Care


  • When the pain starts, roast Jeera (Cummin seeds) in a pan, add a glass of water and boil it.  Reduce it to 1/4th.  It can be taken three times till the pain comes effectively.
  • The use of Cinnamon has been found valuable in reducing labour pain during child-birth.  A decoction of this spice should be taken in treating this condition.
  • To relieve tension and pain:  Clarysage oil (2o drops – 1 ml.), Rose (10 drops), Ylang Ylang oil (10 drops) should be mixed in a 50 ml. Vegetable oil.  Massage lower back with this as often as possible.
  • When the 9th month begins, the lady should be given 5g. of Turmeric powder to be gulped with hot milk every morning and evening.  The child’s health is also improved.
  • Neem leaf juice can be taken before delivery starts to produce normal contraction.  It corrects bowel movements and checks onset of fevers, thereby facilitating the normal delivery.  


  • A spoonful of Amaranth juice with Honey daily for 15 days after delivery helps kids grow healthy and prevents retarded growth.  
  • Saffron helps in clearing the Placenta.  It also prevents fever and cold after delivery.  
  • Kannappar book reference:  Araikkeerai (Tamil) should be given with ghee and rice as the first food to the mother after delivery.
  • Boil a little turmeric powder in  2 glasses of water and reduce to half a glass.  Drink this to get rid of wastes from the body after delivery.
  • Fenugreek seeds fried in ghee, should be finely powdered with Wheat flour and jaggary to prepare a sweet.  Take in small quantity daily. This helps in quick normalization after delivery.  
  • Dry Coconut scrapings, Poppy seeds, dry Ginger pieces, Cucumber seeds and Pumpkin seeds should be made into sweet balls with Jaggary.  The newly delivered woman should take 1 or 2 balls daily.
  • Make a decoction of a handful of peeled white Onion, a tablespoonful of Cummin seeds and a handful of Brahmi leaves and take daily to restore normalcy.

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