Nutrition in Pregnancy


It is good to make the pre mature baby to lie on a plantain bark while growing.  (Vaazhai Mattai in Tamil).

Nutrition in Pregnancy – NUTRITION

  • This is given two months before delivery and continued even after delivery for giving strength.
  • Heat pure ghee and fry ¼ kg mixed nuts (Almond, Pistachio and Cashew)and 10g. Phul Makhana (Lotus puffs).  Keep aside.  Then in 1 kg.pure ghee, fry 1kg whole wheat flour or Semolina or a mixture of them.  Add 50g.Ajwain and 50g.powder4ed and sieved dry Ginger.  Remove from heat when the flour is fried and you get a fragrance.
  • Into this hot mixture add ¾ kg. sugar and mix.  Shape into balls while still warm, cool and store.  Otherwise, store as a dry cereal.  Lightly crushed Cardamom seeds and some Raisins can also be fried with the nuts and then added for additional flavour and nutrition.
  • Soak Almonds in milk, add a pinch of Saffron and drink daily for nourishment for both the mother and the fetus.