Tonic for Kidneys

  • Grind a handful of Nelanelli (Kannada) (Keezha nelli in Tamil) with Crystal sugar and make small balls.  Eat them in the mornings and evenings for a few days.  THIS IS A VERY EFFECTIVE MEDICINE FOR ALL THE KIDNEY PROBLEMS AND TO STRENGTHEN THE KIDNEYS.
  • Kannappar book reference:  If the Liver is damaged, grind Nelanelli.  Add buttermilk and drink in the morning daily for 2 to 3 months.  Kidneys are activated well by this treatment.
  • Ajwain promotes kidney functions.
  • Extract Bittergourd juice.  Take a cup daily.
  • Take 6g. Citronella grass.  Prepare decoction.  Drink twice daily.

Mookkirattai (Punarnava) root should be boiled in 200 ml water and reduced to 100 ml and taken.  Pepper and salt can be added.  EVEN DIALYSIS PATIENTS CAN TAKE 50 ML OF IT DAILY.

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