Natural Remedies for Typhoid

  • A teaspoon of Garlic juice should be given mixed in either jaggery syrup or fruit juice, every four hours.
  • Mix quarter spoon of Pepper powder with 2 tsp of Tumbe (Leucas Aspera) leaves’ juice.  Take this thrice a day to cure common cold, fever and even for Typhoid.
  • Take 25 g. of soft Bel (Bilva) leaves.  Grind them coarsely.  Boil in 200 ml of water.  When the water is reduced to 50 ml, drink it in 5 to 10 ml doses at least 5 times at 3 hourly intervals.  Honey can also be added for more energy.  Dip cloth in Bel leaves’ juice and keep on the forehead.
  • For Typhoid and seasonal fevers, take a teaspoon of powder of the dry pulp of the Bael fruit to bring down temperature.

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