Natural Remedies for Ringing in Ear

Sunflower seeds can be taken to reduce the problem.

Peel a ripe Pineapple. Remove the peels and seeds. Cut into small pieces. Mash with your hands. Filter with a sieve. Measure this juice and add equal quantity of sugar. Add a little water to stir everything. Boil it. When it becomes thick, cool it and add ¼ part of honey and mix well and store. Take 3 tablespoon of this concentrate in a glass and add water. Drink this after breakfast. Repeat for 40 days.

KANNAPPAR BOOK REFERENCE: The leaves of Solanum Trilobatum plant should be collected and decoction prepared out of them. It should be taken with milk. This is a tried and tested remedy.

Cut 300 g. Aghil (Tamil; Botanical name – Aquilaria Agallocha) into pieces. Boil in 2 litres of water and reduce to a litre. Add a litre of cow milk and a litre of Gingilly oil. Boil all the three together. When it thickens, add 30 g. Licorice powder and 20 g. Behda powder. Boil again till all the water evaporates. Filter. Take oil bath with this weekly once.

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