Natural Remedies for COLITIS

For Colic pain, add the powder of Turmeric to the curds, or half whipped curd or whey.  Have this especially after lunch. Whey will act as a purgative to clear the trapped excreta and wind and Turmeric will clear the other digestive complications. But this should never be taken on empty stomach.

Make a decoction of Coriander seeds and dry Ginger and consume thrice a day to stimulate digestion and relieve pain.

Natural Remedies for COLITIS


Take 350 g of peeled Dry Ginger. Crush. Soak in sour cow curs the whole night. Dry in sunlight the next day. Powder. Take 2 pinches in Buttermilk after food daily twice a day.


It is one of the most powerful digestive stimulants. It burns up Ama (Toxins) and cleanses the alimentary canal (energizing Agni to destroy toxins and digest food).