Natural Remedies for pain due to trapped wind

Take big leaves of Papaya, soak it in hot water or roast over burning charcoal and tie it over the portion aching due to the trapped wind for instant relief. In case a part of the body is becoming rather senseless due to internal wind’s pressure, then boil the seeds
of Papaya in Mustard oil, strain the oil and massage the affected part with this oil for quick relief.

Warm a little cow milk and drink it as much as you can easily. Drink after adding a little honey to it. Externally, rub the juice of Garlic on the stomach. It has the quality of releasing the trapped wind and help in digestion.

It helps to get rid of the wind in the stomach in 15 to 20 mts.and gives almost immediate relief.


This simple Yogic asana ensures to a very large extent that there is no accumulation of wind in the stomach and consequent bloating of the stomach.

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