Natural Remedies for Constipation

Eat Ladies’ finger raw as much as possible in salads.

Soak Dates in hot milk for a few hours and take at bed time.

Asafoetida is effective in breaking up impacted fecal matter, accumulations from excessive eating of meat or junk food and for destroying worms, particularly round worms and thread worms.

Mix Garike Hullu (Arugam Pul in Tamil – Cynodon Dactylon – Botanical name) juice with cow milk and drink on empty stomach for three days.

Boil tender Peepul leaves, filter and drink.  This works as a laxative.  If the fruits are shade dried and eaten daily, digestion improves.

Do not combine lemon water with sugar – it is pure acid.  Always have lemon water with honey and/or a little rock salt and black pepper powder.

Dry Agatti Keerai (Tamil) (Agase Soppu in Kannada) leaves in shade for a week.  Powder them.  Take 1tsp.of this in milk or water both in the mornings and evenings for chronic constipation.

Put some fresh Amla in lukewarm water and let it soak overnight.  Early in the morning, mash the Amla and filter.  Drink this water.  In a couple of hours, you will feel the pressure and the bowels will be cleaned.

Take the unripe fruits of Solanum Trilobatum plant and dry them well.  Marinate in curds.  After a day, dry in sunlight and store. Roast this in ghee and take.

Isabgol, Harda and Licorice in equal quantity – 3 gms. – to be taken at night before sleep.

In a pan, heat some Wheat bran till it becomes a little dark.  Cool and store.  It can be safely stored for over 6 months.  In case of constipation, take a tablespoonful of this with a cup of hot milk at bed time.  It can be sweetened.  For severe constipation, it can be taken twice a day.

Triphala = Harda 1: Behda 2: Amla 4 parts  – to be taken with warm water at night before sleep.

As Mangoes and papayas resemble stomach, they can be taken to strengthen it.

Sonamukhi – 25 g.; Triphala – 15 g.; Jyeshtamad – 9 g.; Kala Namak – 1 g. Powder everything and mix.  Take 1 night.

Cut Turnips into thin pieces and boil in a little water.  Add Lemon juice and salt.  Take it once a day.  It will keep constipation away.

Boil 2 to 5 tsp. of Wheat Bran in water.  Consume daily in any form.  It will facilitate evacuation while eliminating any numbness in the fingertips.  Repeat for 3 months.

Take 3g. of Jyeshthamad before sleep.  It is a laxative food.  Its powder should be taken with jaggary and water.

Pour a cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. of whole Cloves.  Cover and steep overnight.  Strain the next morning and drink when cool.

Eat Pomegranate daily.

Dry Aloe Vera pulp and powder.  Mix 2 pinches with equal quantity of Turmeric powder.  Dissove in ¼ cup of water and drink for 3 to 4 days.

Make decoction from Harda powder and take a cup with jaggary at night for a week.

Take a tsp. of Tripala powder with warm water at bedtime.

High in fiber, including bananas in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives.

Carminative spices have an antispasmodic, muscle relaxing effect in the intestine.  They are Aniseed, Asafoetida, Bishop’s weed, Caraway seeds, Cinnamon, Clove, Dil, Fennel seeds, Garlic, Ginger and Mint.

The pulp of the ripe Tamarind fruit is beneficial in the treatment of bilious vomiting, flatulence and indigestion.  It is also useful in constipation. An infusion of the pulp prepared by macerating it in water is particularly useful for loss of appetite and disinclination for food. For better results, black Pepper, Cloves, Cardamoms and Camphor to taste may be added to this infusion after straining.

Long Pepper should be given in doses of 3 to 5 decigrams, mixed with honey for the digestive disorders.

Mint leaf juice mixed with a teaspoon of Lime juice and honey should be taken thrice daily.

For breakfast, take Papaya with a little honey and raisins and then drink a cup of hot, mildly sweet milk.  The element of Papain ensures efficient working of liver.

Ghee is an excellent appetizer, enkindling Agni.  It also helps digestion because it stimulates the secretion of digestive juices.


Harda (Destoned) – Half a kg. Sour buttermilk – 1 litre. Asafoetida powder – 50 g.

Rocksalt – 100g. Mix everything and keep in sunlight for a week. Remove only Harda

and prepare pickle by adding oil and chilli powder. Eating this daily cures constipation.


The overheating and overcooling of the body can be rectified by a correct sleeping position at night.  Constipated people should sleep on their left sides.

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