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S. Research Centre is a premier research institute developing treatments through the Science of Nutrient Energy based on Ancient Ayurveda in India. Today it has five units throughout the country. They are located at:

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh),

Kolkata (West Bengal),

Guwahati (Assam),

Bangalore (Karnataka)

Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

New clinics in all the zones of India are in the immediate organizational agenda.


“Nutrient Energy” is the source of treatment which has been discovered, tried and improved by the scientists of this research centre. During its trial this source has successfully revived more than a thousand cancer patients of its pain, who are now leading healthy, normal, cancer free lives for years.

D.S. Research Centre believes that over 45 years of research on dreaded diseases, through the science of “Nutrient Energy” based on Ancient Ayurveda is the only hope to cure the incurable.

The discovery is indeed a breakthrough in the treatment of Cancer in view of the fact that this treatment has been able to increase the lifespan as well as quality of life of numerous stage IV cancer afflicted persons who lost all hope for life. Many among them are completely cured as they no longer take any medicines and yet lead normal lives like you and me. The treatment therapy has of course been finetuned of the years to be more effective and focused.