Kumbh MelaKumbh Mela is the largest gathering anywhere in the world in recorded history.

Kumbha Mela is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage that takes place at the following four locations of India:

Prayag, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) at the confluence of three holy Rivers – Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati

  1. Haridwar (Uttar Pradesh) where the river Ganga enters the plains from Himalayas.
  2. Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), on the banks of shipra river.
  3. Nasik (Maharashtra) on the banks of Godavari river.

The pilgrimage occurs four times every twelve years, once at each of the four locations. Each twelve-year cycle includes the Maha (great) Kumbh Mela at Prayag, attended by millions of people, making it the largest pilgrimage gathering around the world.