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Natural remedies for Pneumonia and Typhoid

PNEUMONIA Garlic is a marvelous remedy, if given in sufficient quantities. It always brings down the temperature, pulse and respiration. Garlic juice can also be applied externally to the chest with beneficial results. TYPHOID A teaspoon of Garlic juice should be given mixed in either jaggery syrup or fruit juice, every four hours. Mix quarter spoon of Pepper [...]

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Natural Remedies for Malaria

Nirgundi leaves (tender) with five Pepper seeds should be taken. Fry Alum and powder. Mix 1g. powder and 1g. sugar candy. Take the mixture 3 hours before the onset of fever. Repeat for 5 days. Take 2 or 3 grams of Neem leaves or Neem bark powder mixed with hot water thrice a day as long as it [...]

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Natural Remedies for Fever

Agase soppu (Agatti keerai – Tamil) cures daily fever. It cures all the three doshas. Bring a white Lotus and remove the petals. Clean and boil with 2 glasses of water. Reduce to a single glass. Drink 3 ounces of it twice a day for 20 days. This brings down the temperature even when it is 104 or 105. [...]

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Natural Remedies for Fever

Steaming the body with water to which Vettiver is added promotes perspiration while bringing down temperature. Boil water with it and drink. The roots and leaves of Lotus can be made into a decoction to bring down fevers of ALL TYPES. Take Vishnukranthi plant as it is without cutting. Take 1 inch dry Ginger piece, 1 inch Cinnamon, [...]

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Acne and Wrinkles

ACNE Peaches, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Grapes, Pears, Cucumber, Carrot, Apple and fruits and vegetables containing Niacin and Vitamins A and E are good for this problem. A paste of Cinnamon should be prepared with few drops of fresh Lime juice. It can be applied. Apply a turmeric and sandalwood powder paste externally using ½ tsp. of each. One may also [...]

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Face Packs

PIMPLES AND MARKS Red Sandal, Daru Haridra, Jasmine Leaves, Kustha, Lodhra, Banyan ripe leaves. Equal quantities - Powder - Apply. Boil Sampangi flowers in water. Take the steam weekly twice. SMALL POX MARKS One teaspoon of fresh Coriander leaf juice should be taken once daily, mixed with one or two seeds of banana, for 7 days regularly. [...]

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Face Packs and Remedies for Pimples

FACE PACK FOR OILY SKIN Strawberry or Papaya pulp can applied on the face weekly once. BLEMISHES Take the seeds of Chinese Cherries (Mutungia Glabura) 90 to 150gms. Mash them. Apply. Wash when dry. Take ¼ tbsp. Mustard and 1 tbsp. Green gram dal. Soak them in a tablespoon of Curds at night. In the morning, grind [...]

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Face Packs

FACE PACK (FAIRNESS) Soak a handful of Bengalgram at night. In the morning, grind it, add a little milk and Lemon juice. Apply on face. Wash off when dry. A handful of white Mustard seeds should be roasted in a little Sesame or Coconut oil. Drain and cool it. Apply this oil with a little water over face [...]

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Natural Remedies for Eye Problems

BURNING SENSATION AND RED EYES Place Aloe Vera pulp on each eye and bandage at night for 3 days. Nutmeg is rich in fats and volatile oils. Grind it in milk and apply all around the eyes and over the eyelids for its cooling effects. EYE DISCHARGE Boil 1 tsp. of Triphala powder in a cup [...]

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Natural Remedies for Eye Related Problems

GIDDINESS DUE TO EYE PROBLEMS Juice of Brigaraj (Karisalanganni in Tamil) 2 litres, juice of Amla 2 litres, Cow milk 8 litres, Gingilly oil 1 ½ litres, Yashtimadhu (Licorice in English) powder 70 g. Boil all these items together. Apply daily on the scalp and bathe. EYE PAIN Roast Green gram and powder coarsely. Boil well. Scrape coconut. [...]

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