Day: October 3, 2017

Natural medication for Pain after giving Birth

The mucilaginous jelly formed by infusing one to three drachms of Basil seeds in cold water for sometime is given with jaggery or honey. Long pepper checks haemmorrhage and fever after child birth. Fry Fenugreek seeds in ghee and powder.  Mix with Wheat flour and sugar and make Halwa.  This normalizes a woman’s system after …

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Stretch Marks Oil

Cassia Fistula leaves – 50 g.; Gingilly or Coconut oil; Stonegrind the leaves; add oil; boil.  Apply right from the third month of pregnancy.  For dieting people Coconut oil is better suited. Warm 2tbsp.Mustard oil.  Mix 1tbsp.Butter.  apply this all over the abdomen during pregnancy, leave for 30mts. and then take bath. Add 4 drops …

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The lack of Vitamin E is also one of the reasons. Practise ACUPRESSURE THERAPY DAILY.  AT LEAST GIVE PRESSURE TREATMENT ON THE TWO SIDES OF THE WRISTS TO PREVENT THE MISCARRIAGE.   URINE PROBLEMS AND SWOLLEN LEGS Take white Radish atleast once a week.  It also makes the delivery easy.   WARNINGS Avoid using magnets …

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