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Natural Remedies for Ringworm

RINGWORM OIL The juice of Lemon or Orange peels should be boiled with Til oil until the whole of the juice dries up. Apply externally.  Wash off after an hour or so. Grind Jasmine flowers and apply all over the body.  Let it dry.  Wash off.  Repeat for three days. A paste made from Mustard [...]

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Natural Remedies for skin problems

OIL FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS Prepare Garikehullu juice.  Add ¼ measure of Gingilly oil.  Boil.  Filter.  Apply externally daily. Alternately, take green Garike hullu and remove the roots.  Add ¼ of its quantity of Turmeric.  Grind and apply all over the body and leave for an hour.  Take bath.  All the skin diseases, itching, sores [...]

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Natural Remedies for warts

Rub it with a slice of raw Potato or the inside of a Banana skin.  Both contain chemicals that may dissolve the wart. Try Vitamins A and E, a paste of crushed Vitamin C tablets and water. Aloe, Milkweed and Dandelion juices can be mixed and applied. Cotton soaked in fresh Pineapple juice contains a [...]

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Natural medication for skin problems

MEDICINE FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS Take 1 kg.fresh Neem flowers and 1 kg.Honey.  keep mixed for 15 days.  Take a teaspoon daily on empty stomach both in the mornings and evenings. Grind Jasmine flowers and apply.  Take bath after some time MEDICINE FOR BLOOD PURIFICATION Neem - 15 g.; Aloes - 10 g.; Jyeshtamad - [...]

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Natural medication for Corns

CORNS Turmeric powder - 50 g.; Vekhand powder - 50 g.; Original Camphor - 50 g.; Mehendi - 50 g.; Mix everything.  Apply.  Wash after an hour. Cut a round slice of Garlic exactly to size.  Attach it to the corn with a sticky dressing.  Renew it morning and evening. The root and root bark [...]

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Natural Remedies for cracked heals

CRACKS OF FEET Fry Neem leaves till black in Ghee.  Filter.  Add equal Beeswax.  Apply externally. Mix a little turmeric powder with Castor oil.  Add a little Lime till it becomes red.  Apply on feet daily at night for a week. Grind the leaves of Sampangi tree and apply. Apply Nutmeg paste.  It is very [...]

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Natural Remedies for Skin problems

ALOE INFUSED OIL Cut Aloe Vera into pieces.  Put it into coconut oil.  Keep in sunlight for 60 days.  Add scent if desired.  Apply externally.  It keeps indefinitely. THORN IN SOLES If you cannot remove the thorn from the sole, grind Turmeric powder and a few pods of Garlic and apply the paste on the [...]

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Natural Remedies for Spots and Blemishes

TWITCHING OR SHAKING Sweeten 2 spoons of Tulsi (Holy Basil) juice with honey.  Take it twice a day for about a month or two.  Massage with Tulsi juice part of the body which is twitching or shaking. X – RAY REACTIONS Apply Aloe Vera Gel externally on the area.  It regenerates the skin cells completely [...]

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Natural Remedies for Pimples

Soak about 50gms.of Amla overnight. Crush them in the same water in the morning.  Strain.  Add honey (10gms.)  and drink.  Apply the wet stones or seeds of Amla (after grinding them) on pimples. Apply freshly ground whole cloves.  This relieves the pain and heals the infection. Apply Mint leaves’ juice.

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Natural remedies for skin problems

FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS – SIDDA BOOK Apply Thiruneetru Pachilai (Ocimum Basilicum) leaves’ juice for all types of skin problems.   Grind Agathi Keerai with Coconut milk and apply. SKIN PROBLEMS DUE TO PARTHENIUM PLANTS Thumbe (kannada) leaves help tremendously. BLUEISH WOUNDS Marikkozhundhu (Tamil) (Aristalochia Labiosa) leaves should be ground and applied externally.  

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