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Natural Remedies for all kinds of diseases that can be prepared at home in a easy way. With no side effects, the remedies assure you the best treatment for all the problems. From Contagious diseases to Non-Contagious diseases, here are the tips and remedies to avoid and overcome the diseases. Back pain, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Cough, Appendicitis, indigestion, ulcers and many more. The articles have guided people to find a way to their problems related to health and beauty care. Indian have always believed in the medicines that are prepared at home with no chemical being added to it. Here are the list of such remedies.


THYMUS GLAND It is involved in the immunization of the body from disease. It is the master gland of the immune system. It turns immature white blood cells from the bone marrow into mature T-cells. Here is a listing of stones and metals that have an affinity for the Thymus gland: Turqoise, Moss Agate, Moldavite, Amazonite, Amethyst, clear [...]

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Sun’s energy stimulates the seven energy centers called Chakras and can produce hormones and release excess energy. During Sun Gazing, the Photons from the Sun reach the Pineal gland activating it to control all other glands, thus curing diseases, both physical and mental. ACTH (adrenocolticotropic hormone) Stimulates the cortex of the adrenal gland to produce a number of [...]

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Natural Remedies using Flowers

JASMINE It is bitter, astringent/cooling/pungent. Preparation: Infusion (hot or cold, do not boil), powder (250 to 500 mg), paste, medicated oil. Jasmine flowers are strongly cooling and calming. They are excellent for fevers and the oil helps relieve sunstroke. Jasmine flowers are mildly aphrodisiac for the female and cleanse the uterus. They are also useful in high fevers from [...]

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Natural Remedies using Flowers and Leaves

FLOWERS MARIKOZHUNDU OR DHAVANAM Even when the leaves dry up, they never lose their fragrance for years. BLEPHARIS MADERASPATANA: (Chadarasi soppu in Kannada) (Family:Acanthaceae) If the leaf is torn into two pieces and kept together, the pieces hold on together. So, this may be used to mend the broken hearts. BASIL It opens the heart and [...]

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Flat Foot

Spread Green gram on a tray. Keep your feet on it. Give pressure with all your toes raising your heel. Then give pressure with your heels raising the toes. Repeat this process 30 times a day. This has to be done regularly for a few months to get the arch on the feet. Apply local clay poultices [...]

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Fomentation for Pains

Gingilly oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Neem oil and Ghee in equal quantities. Mix together and boil in an iron pan. When hot, fry 10 Ekka leaves like Papad. This oil can be applied for pains and Vatha swellings. FOMENTATION Take leaves of Tamarind, Dhathura, Ekka and Dill (Sadhaguppai in Tamil). Powder together and add roasted coconut scrapings. [...]

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Natural Remedies for Epilepsy

Take black Grapes’ juice daily for a long time. IT STRENGTHENS THE NERVES. Mix a few cloves of Garlic with some Til oil or Ghee and take it daily. After the fits, take a tsp. of Licorice powder with the juice of Ash Pumpkin for 3 days consecutively. Make a powder of Long Pepper (Hippili). Take [...]

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Bavachi (Psoralea) oil can be applied externally. Sankhu Pushpam (Tamil) (Clitoria Ternatea. L.) is good. Rub Milkweed (Amman Pachcharisi in Tamil; Akki Gida in Kannada; Baresu) root bark on a sand stone with the gruel of rice, prepared the previous night. Apply this paste on the part of the body affected. Simultaneously, if you take [...]

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Boil 10 g. Cassia Fistula (Sarakkondrai in Tamil) flowers in 500 ml water. Reduce to 200 ml. filter and drink. Take a quarter cup of Adulsa (Adathoda Vasica) juice twice a day for intestinal worms. You can take fresh Neem leaves’ juice with a pinch of Rock salt. The decoction of the bark of Drumstick [...]

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Natural Remedies for Cystitis

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of whole grains and vegetables Drink plenty of water Avoid Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, too many Chillies and very spicy food. If urine seems to be scanty despite adequate fluid intake, drink a glass of Lemon – Barley water twice a day or Tender Coconut water. Have plenty of Vit. [...]

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