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Natural Remedies for Indigestion

HIPPILI CHUTNEY POWDER Hippili - 50 g.; Dry Ginger - 50 g.; Pepper - 50 g.; Omam - 50 g.; Salt - 50 g.; Curry leaves - 50 g. Powder everything raw. Mix with ghee and rice and eat to get rid of gastric troubles and indigestion. ASHTA CHURNA Dry Ginger; Hippili; Black pepper; Omam; [...]

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Natural Remedies for Indigestion

INDIGESTION Cardamom - 10 g.; Hippili - 20 g.; Jyeshthamad - 30 g.; Dry Ginger - 50 g.; Jaggary - 250 g. Powder everything.  Take a pinch with warm water or warm milk or honey.  It is good for vomiting sensation, indigestion, burp, gas and incessant secretion of saliva.   Cardamom - 5 g.; Jeera [...]

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Natural remedies for Hives

HIVES OR URTICARIA Take an infusion of Tulsi leaves, Neem leaves and Fenugreek seeds with Honey. WHITLOW To heal this finger infection, make a paste of Quicklime and Betel, pack the finger with this and tie a cloth around it. Change the pack dailyy and keep the finger free of moisture. GLASS PIERCING FOOT Grind [...]

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Natural Remedies for sweating and burning

SWEATING/BURNING   To prevent excessive sweating and foul body odour, mash the ripe fruits of Tamarind with its flowers and apply on the sweaty areas.  This helps close the pores and prevents body odour. If there is sweating of the feet, add 10 drops of Clarysage oil in a litre of water and soak the [...]

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Natural Remedies for skin problems

SCURVY Tamarind pulp, being rich in Vit. C, is valuable in preventing and curing scurvy.  It is significant that Tamarind does not lose it antiscorbutic property on drying as other fruits and vegetables.   SCABIES The paste of Tamarind leaves can be applied. Being antiseptic, an application of Bhui Amalaki leaves’ paste  on skin effects [...]

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Natural Remedies to reduce excessive sweat

ANASARCA Smelling all over the body Eat Drumstick vegetable often and the leaves too. Rub Sandal on a stone with a little Lemon juice and apply all over the body.  Let it dry.  Wash off.  It is the best Deodorant.  THIS IS GOOD FOR ALL TYPES OF SKIN PROBLEMS. To reduce palm’s smell:  Rub Corn [...]

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Natural Remedies for Measle

The tiny seeds in Brinjals have the capacity to prevent Measles and to kill the germs.  So use more Brinjals in diet. With a little water, grind tender Neem leaves with Licorice powder in equal proportions.  Make pills of pea size and dry in shade.  Give one or two pills thrice a day.

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Natural Remedies for Burns

Grind Ladies’ Ginger.  It should be thick and slimy.  Apply it over the burnt part.  Cover with a thin cloth.  Change the dressing after 3 or 4 hours.  It will reduce the pain and swelling.  Repeat it till new cells are formed.   Grind Potatoes into a fine paste and apply over the site.  It [...]

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