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Tonic for babies

TONIC Fig syrup is an excellent tonic for infants, increasing their appetite and digestion.  Composition of Mother’s milk is very near to Figs regarding the proportion of nutritive elements, particularly the organic salts.  Figs are richer than Wheat and milk in essential contents like Iron, Sodium and Sulphur.   Breast milk has Vitamin C which [...]

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Eye coordination

EYE COORDINATION AND STIMULATION OF PINEAL GLAND Its scientific name is Epiphysis Cerebri.  Its main function is to secrete Melatonin.  It is secreted when we sleep.  This hormone changes the body as per the day and night functions. It is important for reproduction and regular sleep.  It determines the ageing factor.  When it reduces, we [...]

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Milk substitution

If the breast milk is not available, give milk from a single cow daily. From the seventh month onwards, boil ½ Carrot, a handful of Red Boiled Rice and half a Potato with 10 drops of Ghee and feed the baby.  From 11th month onwards, the baby can be given solid food twice a day. [...]

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MASSAGE OIL FOR KIDS Geranium - 5 drops; Orange oil - 5 drops; Lavender - 5 drops; Wheat germ oil - 10 ml.; Coconut oil - 50 ml. Mix everything. Massage. CRYING If a child cries because of fear, irritation or lack of sleep, give acupressure on all the tips of the fingers and toes [...]

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Conception and Easy Delivery

TO CONCEIVE    Both the husband and wife should eat a red coloured Banana after dinner at night and drink a tablespoon of Honey after that daily for 40 days. Kannappar book reference:  Take 5 or 6 red Pomegranate flowers and boil in a glass of water.  Filter and add milk and jaggary.  Drink it [...]

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Pregnancy related Problems

UTERINE PROBLEMS Remove the peel and seeds of white Pumpkin.  Mash the pulp.  Filter through a thin cloth.  Collect 1 litre of the juice.  Extract juice from 50g.Ginger after peeling it.  Keep for a while.  Take only the clear water on the top.  Mix with the Pumpkin juice.  Boil down to ½ litre.  Add 1kg. [...]

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Strengthening Uterus

Orange juice can be taken in the first three months. Roast ½ cup Urad dal.  Add ½ cup Rice.  Make flour.  Take 2 cups Jaggary  and boil it with 2 cups of water.  When it melts, filter and boil again.  Add 2 tbsp. Gingilly oil.  When it boils, add the flour, stir well.  Insert a [...]

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