Benefits of practicing Japa Sadhana

There are numerous material and spiritual benefits of practicing Japa Sadhana. A Mantra can bestow upon the practitioner health, wealth and prosperity. Further, the practitioner would attain mental purity and Spiritual Bliss.

Mundane Benefits:
A constant practice of Japa would increase Concentration, Self-control and Confidence. A person would be able to keep his mind calm and handle the stress in daily life. It would also make a person fearless and self-reliant. Japa done with proper Sankalpa and Intensity can help a person achieve any of his desires and comforts. Further, the Japa Sadhana of various deities would impart to the practitioners the qualities or attributes of those deities. Hence, a Japa of Kubera would bestow material wealth, whereas a Japa of Lakshmi would bestow material as well as spiritual wealth. Similarly, Kali would help one fight internal and external enemies by making one strong and fearless and Durga would protect the practitioner from internal and external enemies; Ganesha would remove the obstacles that appear in mundane as well as spiritual life and Saraswati would bestow both the Self-Knowledge and the Mundane Knowledge of arts and sciences. Further, Japa Sadhana can be used to remove any afflictions in life. Certain mantras bestow long life upon practitioners, some others can be used to cure scorpion stings and snake bites. Chronic and certain other diseases can also be cured. A proper practice of Mahamrutyunjaya mantra can help to save a person who is in a very serious medical condition and on the verge of death. Hence, by sincere practice of Japa Sadhana with devotion and dedication, a person can get rid of physical and mental afflictions and also attain material happiness.

Spiritual Benefits:
Japa Sadhana is one of the most potent ways of performing Sadhana. It is especially useful in Kali yuga, where people do not have time or capacity to indulge in difficult Tapas (austerity) or elaborate Yajnas. Bhagavata Purana (12.3.51-52) says that, though Kali-Yuga is full of faults, a great virtue is that one can attain Moksha here by merely chanting the name of God. On the other hand, in Satya, Treta and Dvapara Yugas one had to practice intense meditations, austere yajnas and elaborate worship of God respectively to attain Moksha. But in Kali-Yuga, chanting of God’s name alone is sufficient. Hence, practice of Japa is indispensable for a Spiritual seeker.

Japa Sadhana will help to overcome anger, attachment, pride, jealousy etc. that would result in purification of the mind called as “Chitta-Shuddhi”. By constant repetition of the Mantra, one would develop One-Pointed Concentration called as “Ekagra-Chitta” resulting in withdrawal of senses from worldly objects. A practitioner then by dedicating all his actions at the feet of the Lord would develop Detachment and Dispassion called as “Vairagya”. Hence, the practice of Japa Sadhana would destroy the internal enemies, purify the mind and would induce one-pointed concentration and dispassion in the practitioner. Only such a Dispassionate person would be able to attain Atma-Jnana and hence Moksha.