Tourism in Nagaland

Place of Interest:

Medieval ruins of the Kachari Kingdom: Dimapur is the ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, whose rule existed before the 13th century AD. Reminiscences of the glory of this kingdom can be found on the ruins that are scattered in and around the town. These ruins give evidence of a culture that probably had a touch of Hinduism, but were predominantly Non-Aryan. besides monoliths, Dimapur contains other ruins of temples, embankments and baths.

Rangapahar reserve forest: Dimapur houses the Rangapahar Reserve forest (20.20 hectares) in its vicinity. It is home to many animals and birds which make this reserve a nature lover’s haven.

State Museum: Though the Nagas cannot boast of any written documentation of how they came about, a look at the Nagaland Museum in the state capital can give the visitor an idea about the legacy of the Nagas. Located at Bayavü Hill, about 1½ km from the main town, it houses a rare collection of artifacts of each Naga tribe. The State Museum also has authentic Naga precious stones on display. Here one can see the most valued and expensive necklaces used by the Nagas. They are an assortment of precious stones which include cornelian, tourmaline, coral, core of xancus, ivory and other beads, brass and silver bells. Another interesting display is the Naga Morung/hut models. One can make out that the villages were located on hilltops. Perhaps it was to survey/watch the valley below for approaching friends or foes. The variations in architecture among the different tribes are just amazing. Musical instruments are also displayed.

DZULEKIE: If you are looking for an ideal get away from the tensions and rat race of an urban existence, this is an ideal place for you. The lush evergreen subtropical forests are a feast for the eyes. Here, you can spot Mithuns (Bos Frontalis) grazing gracefully on the wayside. This place is 40 km West of Kohima and is at 2,133.6 meters above sea level. Another interesting feature of Dzulekie stream is that it flows through a deep and narrow gorge making it as if the stream has gone underground at places. A rare species of rainbow trout is found in this stream. A tourist rest house and some cottages have been constructed here.

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