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Religious tourism, visiting the religious places is one of the ways people choose to visit the pilgrimage places in India. There are hundreds of such places present in India. Secular India is a home for various religions that are given equal support as other religions. Hence, people visiting India from outside India can witness temples, churches, masjids, basadis and much more at single nation. Among all the religious places here, few of the popular and most visited places are listed here. The list also comprises the location, specialty, images, history behind it, style of architecture and few more details about the places.

Jyotir Lingas

What is jyotirlinga ? Worship of shivalinga is considered the prime worship for the devotees of Lord shiva. Worship of all other forms is considered secondary. The significance of the shivalinga is that It is the resplendent light (flame) form of the Supreme - solidified to make the worship of It easier. It represents the [...]

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ilApure ramyavishAlake.asmin samullasantaM cha jagadvareNyam | vande mahodAratarasvabhAvaM ghRiShNeshvarAkhyaM sharaNam prapadye || Grishneshwar jyotirlinga location “Blessed by VerulNagar, there is no other place like it on this earth, where Lord Grishneswara resides, the best palce on this earth.” – Madhwamunishwar On this holy pilgrimage of the JyotirLingas of Lord Shankara, the last one, with out [...]

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SRI RAMESHWARAM Temple in Rameshwaram

sutAmraparNIjalarAshiyoge nibadhya setuM vishikhairasa.nkhyaiH | shrIrAmachandreNa samarpitaM taM rAmeshvarAkhyaM niyataM namAmi || Importance of Rameshwaram Taking the Ganga water to Rameshwar, is considered as a very auspicious and pious thing to do after the pilgrimage of the four holy shrines. After taking a holy bath in Ganga water, the holy water is carried and offered [...]

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SRI NAGESHWAR Temple in Dwarka

yAmye sadaNge nagare.atiramye vibhUShitANgaM vividhaishcha bhogaiH | sadbhaktimuktipradamIshamekaM shrInAganAthaM sharaNaM prapadye || Purana of Aunda Nagnath temple Pandavas came here during their Vanvas (life in forests) build a hermitage for themselves. Their cows used to go to the same river bank to drink water. After drinking wate, milk used to automatically flow into the river [...]

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SRI VAIDYANATH temple in Parali

pUrvottare prajvalikAnidhAne sadA vasantaM girijAsametam | surAsurArAdhitapAdapadmaM shrIvaidyanAthaM tamahaM namAmi || Vaidyanath Temple If one is to draw a line between Kanyakumari and Ujjain, Parali village can be clearly seen on that line. This village is located on the slopes of Meru or Naganarayana Mountain. Parali is an ancient village located near three rivers, Brahma, [...]

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sahyAdrishIrShe vimale vasantaM godAvaritIrapavitradeshe | yaddharshanAtpAtakamAshu nAshaM prayAti taM tryambakamIshamIDe || Tryambakeshwar Jyothirlinga Of the twelve JyotirLingas of Lord Shankara, the tenth one is known as Tryambakeshwara. Tryambak is near Nasik in Maharashtra. This great JyotirLinga on the banks of Gautami has a unique form. The Lord in this temple’s Grabhagriha is not worshipped with [...]

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Kashi VISHWANATH temple in Varanasi

sAnandamAnandavane vasanta mAnandakandaM hatapApavR^indam | vArANasInAthamanAthanAthaM shrIvishvanAthaM sharaNaM prapadye || Location of Kashi Vishvanath Jyothirlinga Where the Varana and Asi rivers join the Ganges, a beautiful city was built there in the ancient times. It was named Varanasi. Varanasi, a prime place of pilgrimage, a tribe called kasha used to live. Therefore, Varanasi was also [...]

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yaM DAkinishAkinikAsamAje niShevyamANaM pishitAshanaishcha | sadaiva bhImAdipadaprasiddaM taM shaNkaraM bhaktahitaM namAmi || Location of Bhimashankar Jyothirlingam On the banks of the River Chandrabhaga (Bhima) on the expansive meadows, a large number of devotees can be seen dancing as if they are in a trance. This is a constant scene in Pandharpur. Bheemamayya (mother Bhima) is [...]

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SHRI KEDARNATH Temple in Himalaya

mahAdripArshve cha taTe ramantaM sampUjyamAnaM satataM munIndraiH | surAsurairyaxa mahoragADhyaiH kedAramIshaM shivamekamIDe || Locations of Kedarnath Among the twelve JyotirLingas of Bhagwan Shankara, the one at Kedarnath is located in the snow-covered area of the Himalayas. This JyotirLinga can be visited only during six months in a year. From the month of Vaisakha to Ashwin [...]

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kAverikAnarmadayoH pavitre samAgame sajjanatAraNAya | sadaiva mAndhAtRipure vasantamoNkAramIshaM shivamekamIDe || Omkareshwar Jyothirling OmkAreshwar is a beautiful self manifest (swayambhu) linga. From the Vindhyanchal mountain range in Madhya Pradesh, river Narmada, turns westward and meanders in that direction. The deep wide river looks like it has assimilated into itself all the sins and sorrows of the [...]

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