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Indian musical instruments

Indian musical instruments plays a vital role in the history of music in the world. There are many instruments that Indians have contributed to the musical industry. Though not all the Indian instruments are widely used now, there are a few that are still holding it's place even today. The instruments such as Veena, [...]

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Top 10 adventurous tours in India

Top 10 adventurous tours in India are listed here. Adventurous sports have taken a high notes in the graph these days. People are attracted more towards these sports and India has been organizing many such sports in many part of the country. These sports are organized by registered event organizers only after taking necessary [...]

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Top 10 holiday destinations in India

This article includes the list of top 10 holiday destinations in India. There are so many places in India which are perfect for a holiday tour with family or with friends. Among all the places, the best are listed here. Places such as hill stations, beaches, island that are popular for their own reasons [...]

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Top 10 trekking places in South India

The list of top 10 trek destinations in the Southern part of India is included in this article. India in fact, is home for many wonderful places that have been favorite trek destination for trekking lovers across the globe. The list provided here includes only those trek points that are situated in the southern [...]

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions – Mysore

Top 10 tourist attractions in Mysore is given here. Mysuru is one of the places in India that are visited by most of the tourists from India and across the globe. There are may places that can be visited in the city in a 2 days stay. The places and the monuments in Mysuru [...]

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Se´ Cathedral

Se´ Cathedral is one of the most ancient and celebrated religious buildings of Goa, this magnificent 16th century monument, constructed by the Roman Catholics under the Portuguese rule, is the largest church in Asia. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria on whose feast day in 1510 Alfonso Albuquerque defeated the Muslim army [...]

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Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, a recognized world heritage site by UNESCO, are in the foothills of the Vindhyan Mountains on the southern edge of the central Indian plateau in the State of Madhya Pradesh. Bhimbetka is also known as Bhima's Lounge (Bhima was the second of the five Pandava princes in the Hindu epic [...]

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