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Water Lettuce

KODI THAMARAI-ANDARA THAMARAI - PISTIA STRATIOTES WATER CABBAGE – WATER LETTUCE This plant sucks the Lead, Arsenic and Mercury and cleanses water. So it is highly useful. FODDER Vengaya Thamarai and Agaya Thamarai (Tamil) are good fodder items which increase milk yield. Vermi-composting and composting of dried water hyacinth can be used as organic manure [...]

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Adathoda Vasica

MALABAR NUT (ADHATHODA VASICA) It can be used to join broken bones. Eat 10 flowers daily to gain strength and face brightness. Farmers use Adhathoda as a manure, pesticide, fuel for water purification and for medicinal purposes. It is used as a hedge plant to prevent goats and other animals from entering the cultivated fields. [...]

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It is an important Vasiya Herb. There are many types out of which two are important. The plant which gets struck to the front of the cloth is “Mun Otti’. The plant which gets stuck to the back of the cloth is “Pin Otti”. Both are used in Maanthrika and for influencing females. Ul Otti [...]

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Yellow Colour

YELLOW COLOUR Yellow controls the Solar Plexus (third Chakra) area and the digestive processes. Yellow activates the mental faculties, stimulates nervous system and deals with emotions. It is the colour of Vitamin A. Yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which strengthen the nerves and aid the brain. The planet Guru’s electromagnetic energy is more in [...]

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