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The Veil of Affliction

To the great Sufi teacher, Dhu al-Nun,—who in his own days was revered as a Qutab (chief of saints) and who had the power to work miracles – a friend wrote, “From my sick-bed I appeal to you, O Friend of God! Pray for me that I may be relieved of this intolerable agony and [...]

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Be what you truly are!

What hides God from us is our little ego. When the ego goes God’s light grows. Human beings have a natural tendency to conceal all their misdeeds. We try to cover them with falsehood, pretense and hypocrisy. The reason for this is of course, our big 'Ego'. We tend to wear many masks, some masks [...]

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CALF MUSCLE PAIN Hold the kitchen slab. Raise your heels and stand on ten toes. Now, raise your toes and stand on your heels. Keep repeating for about 5 minutes daily for a few days. GLASS PIECES IN SOLES Grind Omam (Ajwain) with Jaggary and tie there. Even small pieces of glass come out. HIP PAINS Massage Iluppai [...]

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HEEL PAIN Take Cyperus Rotundus powder ½ to 1 g twice a day. PAINS OUT OF EXCESS VATHA Fill a glass bottle with 150 ml of Coconut oil. Fill it to the brim with Champa flowers and keep in sunlight for a week. Massage this on the spot of Vatha pains and swellings twice a [...]

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TEN MINUTES OF GENUINE BELLY LAUGHTER HAS AN ANESTHETIC EFFECT AND WILL GIVE  THE PATIENT AT LEAST TWO HOURS OF PAINFREE SLEEP. BANANA PEELS The skin of Bananas placed wherever there is muscular pains or pain resulting from scratching prevents swelling and relieves pain. The banana skin is GERMPROOF. (Harish Johari in “Danwantari”).

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Lice Infestation

REMEDIES FOR LICE Alum powder can be used to wash the hair to kill lice. Juice of Gingilly plant kills lice. Apply a paste of dried ground rind of Pomegranate to the hair for half an hour and wash off. Apply Onion juice all over the scalp and wash off. Roast greengram lightly and powder. Mix [...]

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Hair Oils

HAIR OIL COMBINATIONS 1 ¼ liters coconut oil; 50g. Brahmi, 50g. Amla. 100g. Mehendi, Oil – 1 ¼ liters. LEUCAS ASPERA HAIR OIL Add 50 g. Leucas Aspera (Thumbe) flowers to 200 ml oil. Boil. Filter. Apply on scalp. Leave for an hour. Wash. This is good for all head related problems.

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