We live in an uncertain world. The only certainty in this world of uncertainty is that every passing day, every fleeting moment draws us closer to the day when death will come and knock on the door and exclaim, “Vacate the house.” The body will then drop down but we shall continue to live in the life that is undying. Are we prepared to face death with courage and equanimity? Have we made the necessary preparations to face our Creator? Have we made ourselves ready for the life after death?

May I tell you, dear friends, that our life – a little interlude in this world – is part of a Great Design? It is a training ground for self-growth. Very few of us are aware of this purpose. But it is definite that our sojourn on this earth is predestined – perhaps by our own choice – for this life has been given to us for our own spiritual progress and evolution. However, we spend our life in the pursuit of pleasure, thinking that it is the be-all and end-all of our existence. We are so enamoured by the superficial glamour and glitter around us, that we forget the very purpose for which we have come. Daily attendance at the satsang will ensure that we do not throw our precious life away in such frivolous pursuits.

Very often when we ask people why they are not attending satsang regularly, the reply is, “There is no time” or “I am busy with my work” or “I do not even get time to take a deep breath…” and so on. Such excuses cannot fool anyone, not even the people who make these excuses! Some people even say, “Well, when I retire from my active job, I will definitely devote my time to satsang, spiritual pursuits and God.” But such a time rarely comes. When we return home in the evening, we have several options before us. We can go to the club or to the gym; to a theatre or a cinema hall for our entertainment. We may become the proverbial couch potato staring all evening at what we ourselves call the idiot box! But some of us choose satsang above all these options!

Satsang is a place of hope and serenity; it is a place of positive vibrations, which protects us from the negativity of the world. The temptations of the world are many and the allurement of the world is powerful. Anytime it can drag us into the whirlwind of pleasure, pelf, worry. Let me tell you, when we go to the satsang we are sure to earn our own reward! We can imbibe the teachings of the holy ones, ponder over the sacred words of the scriptures, internalise the spiritual values and bear witness to the teachings of the great ones. Then for sure, our life will be filled with the peace and joy we so earnestly seek!

Satsang has a positive effect on man. Satsang creates pure and positive vibrations which neutralise the negative emotions of man. Recently, I was told about a young girl who attended satsang regularly. She was popular and respected at work. She had a great ego. She was under the wrong notion that she was influential and could exercise her authority over other satsangis. This girl was also adamant and strong willed; if anyone disobeyed her she would shout and scream. Many obeyed her for the fear of being scolded.

When this came to the Guru’s notice, he said, “Her attending satsang is a waste of time. She hasn’t learnt anything from the teachings of the satsang.” Attending a satsang is not enough. You have to learn the essence of its spirit. You have to imbibe its truth. When you do so, satsang brings about a transformation in you. This transformation is seen in many ways. A man of satsang is kind and humble. He is a man who readily offers his service to others. He tries his best to mitigate the suffering of the others. He lends a helping hand, whenever and wherever needed.

Man’s life is so crowded with mundane activities, that he rarely has time for self-study and introspection. He seldom finds himself in that expansive, tranquil mood of silence and reflection, where he can listen to God, and chant the Name Divine in the heart within. It is said that the worldly desires are like the salty waters of the sea. Such waters can never quench man’s thirst. On the contrary, his thirst increases and his craving for fresh water grows even more acute!

The message of every satsang is ‘go within’. Go within! Explore your interior world and you will find that Divine Light which dispels every darkness! When a man falls ill he goes to the hospital to be treated. Even so, when man realises that he is falling a prey to evil, he should go to satsang. Satsang is like the hospital, which will treat the disease called ‘evil’.

Satsang creates pure and beautiful vibrations, wherein you can experience immense peace and harmony within.