Coolest places in India

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Ramyashree M B

These are the coolest places in India that you can visit in summer vacations. There are more than 50 places but the list includes 10 – 12 such places that are most visited by the tourists to beat the heat. Most of the places mentioned here lies at the Himalayan range. The other places are located at the South Indian and West and East region of India. Some of these places are also famous pilgrimage centers that are famous tourist attractions. Many of the mentioned places have definite season or best time to visit, and are not suggested to visit in the off season, especially the places in the great Himalayan region as there will be heave snow fall, or rain and other natural calamities happening.



Ooty is listed among one of the finest holiday destinations



Nainital is another hill station present in Uttarakhand state. Since

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