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Religious tourism, visiting the religious places is one of the ways people choose to visit the pilgrimage places in India. There are hundreds of such places present in India. Secular India is a home for various religions that are given equal support as other religions. Hence, people visiting India from outside India can witness temples, churches, masjids, basadis and much more at single nation. Among all the religious places here, few of the popular and most visited places are listed here. The list also comprises the location, specialty, images, history behind it, style of architecture and few more details about the places.

SRI MAHAKALESHWAR (mahakal) in Ujjain

avantikAyAM vihitAvatAraM muktipradAnAya cha sajjanAnAm | akAlamRityoH pariraxaNArthaM vande mahAkAlamahAsuresham || Ujjain On the banks of river Kshipra, the city of Ujjain exists in Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as Indrapuri Amaravati, and Avantika. Because of the number of golden towers of several temples, this town is also known as “Swarna Sringa.” One of [...]

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shrIshailashRiNge vibudhAtisaNge tulAdrituNge.api mudA vasantam | tamarjunaM mallikapUrvamekaM namAmi saMsArasamudrasetum || “Jaya Mallikarjuna! Jai Mallikarjuna” Srisailam is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. This whole area is full of forests of Kadali, Bilva trees, mountain ranges and Patalaganga (Krishnaveni river). All of them echo from these joyous voices of devotees. History of Srisailam When [...]

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Somnath (SOMANATH) Temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat

saurAShTradeshe vishade.atiramye jyotirmayaM chandrakalAvataMsam | bhaktipradAnAya kRipAvatIrNaM taM somanAthaM sharaNaM prapadye || “Jay Somanath! Jay Somanath”! Somnath, the first in the twelve jyothirlingas, is located at the Viraval port - Prabhas Pattan in Saurashtra - Gujarat. Anceint Glory of Somnath Temple Known as prabhAsa kshetra, Somnath occupied a much esteemed place in the Hindu holy [...]

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