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India has seen many freedom fighters who laid their lives for India’s independence. A brief introduction to few of the freedom fighters who fought every odd to get independence to India from British rulers are included in this website. Before British ruled India, many other countries such as Portuguese, Dutch. It is British, who ruled India for more than 80 years. During the British rule, Kings of various dynasties showed their opposition and have fought many battles to end British rule in India. Battles like Battle of Plassey, Anglo-Mysore war, Anglo-Maratha war, Anglo-Sikh war etc. It was the quit India movement that gained a large number supporters who unitedly fought against British to make them leave India and finally India was declared Independent in the year 1947.

Veer Savarkar

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (May 28, 1883 – February 26, 1966) was an Indian freedom fighter, a revolutionary and politician. He is credited with developing the Hindu nationalist political ideology Hindutva. Savarkar was a poet, writer and playwright. He launched a movement for religious reform advocating dismantling the system of caste in Hindu culture, and reconversion [...]

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Sukhdev Thapar – (15 May 1907 to March 23, 1931)

Sukhdev was a famous Indian revolutionary who played a major role in the India's struggle for Independence. He is amongst those great Indian freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country. His full name is Sukhdev Thapar and he was born on 15th May, 1907. His ancestral house is in Naughara [...]

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Shaheed Bhagat Singh- (28 September 1907 – 23 March 1931)

Bhagat Singh was an Indian freedom fighter, considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement. He is often referred to as Shaheed Bhagat Singh (the word shaheed meaning "martyr"). Gave a new direction to revolutionary movement in India, formed 'Naujavan Bharat Sabha' to spread the message of revolution in [...]

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