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There are about 35 languages that millions of Indians are currently using as a major language for communication in different parts of our country.  There are even more languages that is being used here. The total number of languages can go up to 150 when taken on account for it’s usage by at least thousand people. To name few of the majorly spoken languages in India, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu make it to the top of the list. The complete list of languages are given below.


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CLUSTER BEANS They can be fed to milking cows. PAIN OF CATTLE AFTER HARD WORK Boil Nunaa leaves (Vitex Negundo) in water and give them bath. A cot can be made for humans to sleep [...]

Problems of Cattle

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FOOD FOR COWS If the milking cows are regularly fed with the leaves of Azima tetracantha, the milk extracted and all the bi-products like ghee, butter, etc will be more nourishing and tastier. If taken [...]


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MORE MILK Cows facing north, on an average give more milk than cows facing in any other direction. PONNANGANNI FOR GOOD MEDICINAL MILK Ponnanganni can be grown in large areas and fed for getting better [...]


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NUTRITION FOR CATTLE (TRIED RECIPE) Fruit Vinegar 50 ml and Pancha Gavya 50 ml can be given on alternate days permanently. This enables them to mature in time, give more milk and be resistant to [...]


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Their milk is thicker with more fat contents. They don’t need a shelter like cows. They can withstand rains and heat. Delhi Buffaloes are suitable for Tamil Nadu. They give 12 liters milk per day. [...]

Angel’s Trumpet

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The Datura, a part of Coorg’s abundant flora, adorns its hills and dales. The plant is also known as Angel’s Trumpet and Moon flower. The parts of the plant that are used are its seeds, [...]

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