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India being a secular country, there are several dance forms that each state has adopted as it’s cultural dance. To name a few of them, Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Yakshagana. Below are the details of them.


June 7, 2016|Comments Off on Yakshagana

  Yakshagana is a musical dance drama popular in coastal and Malenadu regions of Karnataka, India. Yakshagana is the recent (200 years) scholastic name for what are known in Kannada as Kelike, Dashavatara, Aata, Bayalaata.

Bhootha Aradhane or Bhootha Kola

June 7, 2016|Comments Off on Bhootha Aradhane or Bhootha Kola

  Bhootha Aradhane or Bhoota Kola or Holy Spirit Worship is an ancient ritual form of worship prevalent among the Tulu-speaking community in Udupi, Dakshina Kannada districts in Karnataka and Kasaragod taluk in Kerala alternatively

Goravara kunita

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  This is a folk dance of Goravas or the Shiva cult that is popular in both Mysore and North Karnataka regions. While in North Karnataka, the Goravas worship Mylara linga as their deity, in

Somana Kunita

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  Somana kunita or the 'Mask dance' is a celebratory form of spirit worship prevalent in south Karnataka region. It is performed mostly in village shrines dedicated to the Mother Goddess. The art is mostly

Dollu Kunitha

June 7, 2016|Comments Off on Dollu Kunitha

  Dollu Kunitha (dance), is a major form of art, occupies the pride of place among folk dances. Dollu Kunitha is a popular drum dance of Karnataka accompanied by singing. It provides both spectacular variety


June 7, 2016|Comments Off on Kamsale

  Kamsale is known as Beesu Kamsale. It is a unique folk art performed by the devotees of God Mahadeshwara. Kamsale is a brass made musical instrument. Its origin is traced to the Mythological period.

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