Agase soppu (Agatti keerai – Tamil) cures daily fever. It cures all the three doshas.

Bring a white Lotus and remove the petals. Clean and boil with 2 glasses of water. Reduce to a single glass. Drink 3 ounces of it twice a day for 20 days. This brings down the temperature even when it is 104 or 105.

Take 5 g. pepper and Cumin seeds, a handful of tender Neem leaves, a piece of Turmeric. Crush everything and boil in
2 glasses of water. Reduce to a glass. Drink thrice a day.


Take 25 g. each of Saunf, Pepper and Coriander seeds. Powder and boil in 2 glasses of water. Reduce to half the quantity and add sugarcandy. Drink thrice a day.

Crush Ginger and Pepper and boil with water. Filter and add milk and sugar candy. Drink it for sudden fevers.


Boil Parijatha 10 leaves with 200 ml water. Reduce to 25 ml and drink once. This is also useful in pains in neck
and hip.


Mash Onion or Garlic and tie it in a cloth. Tie this as a poultice on the soles. This will make the patient calm and enable him to sleep peacefully.

Dissolve Asafoetida in water and place it on palms, soles and nails of hands and feet.

Collect the raw Solanum Trilobatum vegetables (Thoodhuvalai in Tamil) and dry them. Soak in curds for a day and dry
again. Store them. Fry them in ghee and take.

Coriander leaves and seeds are highly useful.