Natural Remedies for Eye Problems


Against eye infection, to wipe the eyes, use a clean cloth which is dyed with turmeric. Six grams of Turmeric powder should be boiled in 500ml of water till it is reduced to half. It should then be cooled. A few drops of this cold infusion can be used as eye drops in treating eye diseases.

Keep the fresh flowers of Adulsa (Adathoda Vasica) on the eyelids for a few minutes.

Rub Potato over the stone. Apply this paste over the eyes in the morning and evening for 15 days.


Emerald stone can be kept on the eyes for 10 minutes a day.

Jala Neti should be practiced.

Take Saffron with milk daily. It produces Beta – carotine which is Vitamin A.

Drink Bittergourd juice weekly twice on empty stomach.

A paste of Nutmeg with milk should be applied all around the eyes and over the eyelids. It gives a cooling effect.

Eat a few Almonds on empty stomach in the mornings for a few days.


Blue is helpful in Myopia physically and psychologically for it draws the ego outward, making the individual field – oriented and more in harmony with his environment. If Vitamin D and Calcium are given, it can be controlled.

Sugar and all refined foodstuff have to be completely avoided.

½ tsp. of Licorice powder mixed with an equal amount of honey and half the quantity of ghee can be given twice daily with milk on an empty stomach.


The patient should gaze into Blue light for 30 minutes each day.

Amla should be taken daily. It reduces the eye pressure.

Hot footbaths.

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