Natural Remedies for Indigestion


  • Cardamom – 10 g.; Hippili – 20 g.; Jyeshthamad – 30 g.; Dry Ginger – 50 g.; Jaggary – 250 g. Powder everything.  Take a pinch with warm water or warm milk or honey.  It is good for vomiting sensation, indigestion, burp, gas and incessant secretion of saliva.
  • Cardamom – 5 g.; Jeera – 100 g.; Omam – 100 g.  Sun dry or roast everything.  Powder. Take 5 pinches in warm water before sleep.
  • Coconut shell should be broken into pieces.  Add 2 litres of water.  Boil.  Reduce to 1 ½ litre.  Consume this throughout the day.
  • Chew a piece of Tamarind with some salt and Pepper.
  • The ash obtained by heating the Tamarind bark with salt in an earthen vessel can also be given in 6 to 12 centigram doses for colic and indigestion with beneficial results.
  • Chew and eat a small piece of fresh Ginger wit salt 5 mts. before food for 4 days.
  • Take 1 tsp. of Ginger juice and 1 tsp. of Lemon juice twice daily after food adding a pinch of salt for 7 days.
  • Heat up 5grams of dry Ginger and 10grams of Jaggary in about 250grams of milk with 200grams of plain water added to it.  When the water content is almost burnt up, drink this milk gradually or rather sip it.  The body will expel all the filth accumulating in the stomach.
  • Kannappar book reference:  Take 50 g. dry Ginger, 10 g. Clove, 50 g. Ajwain and 50 g. Induppu (Tamil).  Roast them and powder.  Take ¼ tsp of this powder and take a cup of warm water twice a day.  This stimulates hunger.
  • Music therapy for indigestion:  Ahir Bhairav Raga helps a lot.

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