Omam (Ajwain) – 25 g.; Dry Ginger – 25 g.; Clove – 5 g.; Kala Namak – 25 g. Powder
everything. Mix. Take ¼ tsp. with warm water once or twice a day.
Black Pepper has stimulating effect on the digestive organs and it produces an increased flow of
saliva and gastric juices. It is an appetizer and a good home remedy for digestive disorders. A
quarter teaspoon of Pepper powder mixed in the buttermilk should be taken in indigestion or
heaviness in the stomach. For better results, an equal part of Cumin powder may also be added to
the buttermilk.


Massage the index finger from the tip to the root when you have constipation. If you have
diarrhea, massage the index finger from the root to the tip.


Dried Sundekai – 100 g.; Curry leaves – 100 g.; Pepper – 50 g.; Jeera – 100 g.; Fenugreek seeds –
50 g.; Gingilly oil – 1 tsp. Roast till golden colour comes. Add salt. Powder. Take it mixed with
the rice as the first course at night. This is good for loss of appetite, to get rid of germs, piles and