Nylon ellu – 100 gms
Channa dal – 1 cup
Green gram dal – 1 cup
Hidukida bele – 1 cup
Ground nut – 1 cup
Copra (cut pieces) – 1 cup
Cashew (Optional) – 1 cup
Curry leaves – 4 bunch
Red chilli powder – 2 tbl sp
Hingu – 1 tea sp
Salt – 1 tbl sp
Oil – deep frying


Soak channa dal n green gram dal separately for 2 hours. Drain water n spread on a clean cloth in shade for 1 hour. Wash hidukida bele, drain, spread on cloth for 1 hour. Grate copra’s black skin, slice n cut into small pieces. Break cashew nut into pieces. Wash curry leaves n drain water. Mix chilli powder, hingu n salt in a bowl. Heat oil in a pan, keep a metal siever inside pan n deep fry dals, hidukida bele, ground nut, cashew one by one a handful at a time. Pl don’t put dals directly into pan as it will be very difficult to collect dal after frying.

Deep fry till crisp, spread on a tissue paper n add masala powder little each time when it is hot. Deep fry copra pieces for a minute, curry leaves few seconds, add masala powder. Mix little masala powder with few drops of water n make a paste. Dry roast ellu in a pan for 2 minutes, switch off flame add masala paste n mix well, add to the fried dals mixture n store in a air tight container.

Friends I hope u will try this KHARA ELLU for this festival n share with ur relatives n friends along with SWEET ELLU and SAKKARE ACHHU.

Thank You.