Pregnancy related Problems


Remove the peel and seeds of white Pumpkin.  Mash the pulp.  Filter through a thin cloth.  Collect 1 litre of the juice.  Extract juice from 50g.Ginger after peeling it.  Keep for a while.  Take only the clear water on the top.  Mix with the Pumpkin juice.  Boil down to ½ litre.  Add 1kg. Sugar.  Boil till it becomes thick like Honey.  Drink 2 tsp. with half a glass of water twice a day.  It cures Leucorrhea , Uterine problems and lack of urination.


  • Eat plenty of Tomatoes in pregnancy to strengthen the bones of the fetus.
  • Take lime juice with honey.  This will effect good supply of Vit.C to the child, make its skin free from blemishes.
  • Take plenty of Pear fruits daily in season.
  • From the fourth month of pregnancy, drink a few cups of lemon juice with honey, on empty stomach.  This will save the child from problems.
  • Take regular spinal baths, or at least have the cooling (ir the stimulating) abdominal wet packs, daily.  Never strain your bowels at stools.  


Scrap Radish and add to curd and eat.


  • Avoid Coffee and Tea.  Make decoction out of the Rose buds and drink this after adding milk and sugar.  Reduce the intake of salt also.
  • Coriander decoction promotes flow of urine and prevents edema of the feet, usually noticed from fifth month onwards.
  • Poor Nutrition in the Womb Triggers Permanent Genetic Changes.

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