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Tourism in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, situated in the heart of India, is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and attractive natural diversity. The State is full of ancient monuments, rare wildlife, exquisitely carved temples, Buddhist sites, palaces, water falls, caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus. Most of these sites are untouched and unexplored, and offer a unique and alternate experience to tourists, compared to traditional destinations which have become overcrowded. For tourists who are tired of the crowds at major destinations will like the Bastar district, with its unique cultural and ecological identity. The Green State of Chhattisgarh has 41.33% of its area under forests, and is one of the richest bio-diversity areas in the country.

Prime Tourist Destinations in Chhattisgarh

Bastar: Bastar is famous for its traditional Dasara (Dussera) festival.

Jagdalpur : Many waterfalls (The Chitrakoot and Teerathgarh waterfalls) are situated close to Jagdalpur. The Ganga Munda and Dalpat Sagar lakes are on the river Indravati, which passes through Jagdalpur. Sprawling over 350 hectares, Dalpat Sagar is the largest artificial lake in Chhattisgarh. Shop for tribal handicrafts during Dassera and Diwali at the nightly Gole Bazar and at the Kumhara Para area.

Dhamtari: Dhamtari has a number of dams. Asia’s first ever Syphen dam was built in the year 1914 at Madamsilli.

Barsoor: Barsoor was once an epicentre of Hindu civilization. It is believed that there were once 147 temples and an equal number of ponds here. The ruins of these temples, dating back to the 10 th and 11 th centuries (i.e. over 1,000 years old) can be seen even today. Some beautiful images of Lord Vishnu can also be seen.

Danteshwari Temple: This ancient temple is at the confluence of the Dankini and Shankini rivers, about one and a half hours from Jagdalpur.