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Natural Remedies for Measle

The tiny seeds in Brinjals have the capacity to prevent Measles and to kill the germs.  So use more Brinjals in diet. With a little water, grind tender Neem leaves with Licorice powder in equal proportions.  Make pills of pea size and dry in shade.  Give one or two pills thrice a day.

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Natural Remedies for Burns

Grind Ladies’ Ginger.  It should be thick and slimy.  Apply it over the burnt part.  Cover with a thin cloth.  Change the dressing after 3 or 4 hours.  It will reduce the pain and swelling.  Repeat it till new cells are formed.   Grind Potatoes into a fine paste and apply over the site.  It [...]

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Natural Remedies for bed sores

BED SORES & SKIN ULCERATIONS Take Acalypha Indica (Kuppi gida in Kannada), Garike hullu and Turmeric in equal quantities and powder them.  Apply on the sores daily. When bathed in magnetized water, bedsores disappear. COLOUR THERAPY Green colour is a disinfectant, germicide, antiseptic and bacteriocide.  So Green charged water can be used both internally and [...]

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Natural Remedies for allergies

 For any skin allergy, wash the area with Harda decoction and drink the same twice a day. Bhramara Mudra, Kaki Mudra and Varuna Mudra shld practsed. Carrot, Grapes, Apple and all other fruits are good.  Adequate intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and in certain cases Vitamin B5 is recommended. Take 2tsp.Honey in warm water [...]

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Natural Remedies for Eczema

Garlic cloves spread on a cloth are allowed to dry in shade for months or even years.  These partly decomposed, shriveled, dry cloves should be heated in coconut oil over low fire till the oil turns black with the essence of the blackened garlic cloves. The oil is extracted by squeezing the cloves.  This oil [...]

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Natural remedies for ageing skin and wrinkles

Remedies for ageing skin and wrinkles Palmarosa (Motia Rosha - Cymbopogon martini var.martini) oil should be applied to the dry skin to rebalance sebum production, thereby hydrating dry skin conditions.  It also rejuvenates wrinkles or ageing skin by prompting cellular regeneration. Neroli oil improves skin elasticity.  It prevents stretch marks, scarring, wrinkles and to soothe [...]

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Natural Remedies for Ringworm

RINGWORM OIL The juice of Lemon or Orange peels should be boiled with Til oil until the whole of the juice dries up. Apply externally.  Wash off after an hour or so. Grind Jasmine flowers and apply all over the body.  Let it dry.  Wash off.  Repeat for three days. A paste made from Mustard [...]

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Natural Remedies for skin problems

OIL FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS Prepare Garikehullu juice.  Add ¼ measure of Gingilly oil.  Boil.  Filter.  Apply externally daily. Alternately, take green Garike hullu and remove the roots.  Add ¼ of its quantity of Turmeric.  Grind and apply all over the body and leave for an hour.  Take bath.  All the skin diseases, itching, sores [...]

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Natural Remedies for warts

Rub it with a slice of raw Potato or the inside of a Banana skin.  Both contain chemicals that may dissolve the wart. Try Vitamins A and E, a paste of crushed Vitamin C tablets and water. Aloe, Milkweed and Dandelion juices can be mixed and applied. Cotton soaked in fresh Pineapple juice contains a [...]

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Natural medication for skin problems

MEDICINE FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS Take 1 kg.fresh Neem flowers and 1 kg.Honey.  keep mixed for 15 days.  Take a teaspoon daily on empty stomach both in the mornings and evenings. Grind Jasmine flowers and apply.  Take bath after some time MEDICINE FOR BLOOD PURIFICATION Neem - 15 g.; Aloes - 10 g.; Jyeshtamad - [...]

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