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Know India briefly with every details available with us. The details including the must visit temples, must do things, top 10 Indian recipes and many more are given here. This article was published in order to help people who want to explore India. India is one among the amazing countries in the world and tourists have always felt attracted to the beautiful places and other attracting factors in the country. Be it food habits in India or the best places you can visit, or beautiful trekking places, you will find every bit of information about India in this article and website.

Famous Zoological Gardens in India

This is about Famous Zoological Gardens that are located in India. The main attraction in most of the zoological gardens are White Tiger, Lion, Asian Elephants, Leopard, Bengal Tiger and many more animals including those that are declared endangered. Such as Black Buck, One horned Rhinoceros.

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Famous national parks in India

The article lists out famous national parks in India. There are over fifty national parks in India which is a home for hundreds of different species. There are only a few national parks where you can spot lions. Asian Elephants, Deer and many other animals are more in populations all over the country. Among [...]

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Famous waterfalls in India

Famous waterfalls that are in India are listed here. These waterfalls are the most visited among other waterfalls in India. These are located in different parts of the country, some falls are situated in north eastern region and some are in the southern part of India. Waterfalls such as Dhoodh Sagar, Jog falls, Irpu falls, Hogenakkal [...]

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Must visit temples in India

There are many must visit temples in India, but the article short lists few of the temples that cannot be afford to miss when you are in India. Since India is a secular country promoting all the religions equally, has more than thousands of temples built by people belonging to various religions. Many temples [...]

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Top 10 sports played in India

The top 10 sports played in India is listed in this article. There are many sports such as Cricket, Hockey, Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Kabaddi where in Indian players are counted in the best players in the world list. Apart from these games, there are also few other games that are played as an entertainment [...]

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