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Information About Maharashtra History Maharashtra name may have originated from rathi, which means, "chariot driver". At that age Maharashtra was full of builders and drivers of chariots who formed a maharathis, a "fighting force." In 90 A.D. king Vedishri made Junnar, thirty miles north of Pune, the capital of his kingdom. In the early fourteenth [...]

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Andaman and Nicobar Island

Information about Andaman and Nicobar The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one of the seven union territories of India, are a group of islands at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The territory is 150 km (93 mi) north of Aceh in Indonesia and separated from Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) by the Andaman Sea. [...]

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Information about Lakshadweep Country  India Formation 1 November 1956 Capital Kavaratti Local symbols of Lakshadweep Animal Butterfly fish Bird Noddy tern Tree Bread fruit Lakshadweep formerly known as the Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 km (120 to 270 mi) off the south western coast of [...]

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Information about Puducherry Country  India French India colony of the French colonial empire 1673 de facto transfer to India 1 November 1954 de jure transfer to India 16 August 1962 Capital and Largest city Pondicherry Districts 4 Languages  • Official Tamil, English and French  • Additional official Malayalam (in Mahé), Telugu (in Yanam) State symbols of Puducherry [...]

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Daman and Diu

Information about Daman and Diu Country  India Established 30 May 1987 Capital Daman No. of districts 2 Languages  • Official Konkani Gujarati Hindi English Daman and Diu is a union territory in Western India. With an area of 112 km2, it is the smallest federal division of India on the mainland. The territory comprises two distinct regions [...]

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Information about Telangana Country  India Formation 2 June 2014 Capital Hyderabad† Largest city Hyderabad Districts 31 Symbols of Telangana Emblem Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, Charminar Language Telugu Song Jaya Jaya He Telangana Janani Jayakethanam Animal Spotted deer Bird Indian Roller Flower Senna auriculata Fruit Mango Tree Prosopis cineraria River Godavari, Krishna River, Manjira River and Musi [...]

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Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Information About Dadra and Nagar Haveli Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union Territory in western India. Nagar Haveli is wedged between Maharashtra and Gujarat, whereas Dadra is an enclave lying a few kilometres north of Nagar Haveli in Gujarat. Its capital is Silvassa. The territory lies some ten to thirty kilometres up-river from the [...]

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Information About Chhattisgarh Country  India Formation 1 November 2000† Capital Naya Raipur Largest city Raipur Districts 27 Official language Hindi, Chhattisgarhi History In 1st November 2000, Chhattisgarh carved out of Madhya Pradesh and formed as India's 26th state. Chhattisgarh borders Madhya Pradesh on the northwest, Maharashtra on the west, Andhra Pradesh on the south, Orissa [...]

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Information About Chandigarh Chandigarh is a union territory of India, that serves as the capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana. The name Chandigarh translates as "The Fort of Chandi". The name was coined from an ancient temple called Chandi Mandir, devoted to the Hindu Goddess Chandi, present in the city's vicinity. It is occasionally [...]

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Information About Bihar History Bihar certainly bears the heavy weight of history, but bears it with much sensitivity and awareness. For both Buddhists and Jains, the landscape is dotted with monuments and sacred pilgrimage centres, while the Hindus have no less a number. And yet, it has not shied away from embracing the modern. The [...]

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