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About Vijayalakshmi

Smt. Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naturopath. She has given many lectures at AYUSH, a Govt. of India undertaking. She is also a specialist in Colour Therapy and Organic Farming.

Conception and Easy Delivery

TO CONCEIVE    Both the husband and wife should eat a red coloured Banana after dinner at night and drink a tablespoon of Honey after that daily for 40 days. Kannappar book reference:  Take 5 or 6 red Pomegranate flowers and boil in a glass of water.  Filter and add milk and jaggary.  Drink it [...]

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Pregnancy related Problems

UTERINE PROBLEMS Remove the peel and seeds of white Pumpkin.  Mash the pulp.  Filter through a thin cloth.  Collect 1 litre of the juice.  Extract juice from 50g.Ginger after peeling it.  Keep for a while.  Take only the clear water on the top.  Mix with the Pumpkin juice.  Boil down to ½ litre.  Add 1kg. [...]

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Strengthening Uterus

Orange juice can be taken in the first three months. Roast ½ cup Urad dal.  Add ½ cup Rice.  Make flour.  Take 2 cups Jaggary  and boil it with 2 cups of water.  When it melts, filter and boil again.  Add 2 tbsp. Gingilly oil.  When it boils, add the flour, stir well.  Insert a [...]

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Natural remedies for Morning sickness

EYESIGHT OF FOETUS Saffron has Selenium which is good for eyesight.  It also strengthens the pregnant ladies. It prevents the onset of night blindness in the baby. MORNING SICKNESS Pomegranate juice is the best medicine cum food for this problem.   Boil Guava leaves in water and cool.  Take it sip by sip to reduce [...]

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Pre Mature Babies

If these babies are unable to walk due to weakness, take a handful each of Neem leaves and Mehandi leaves, a big Ginger piece and 10 cloves of Garlic and grind well.  Boil with ½ l. Gingilly oil.  Massage on the legs daily. MIND AND BODY BUILDER DRINK The drink Nishasta builds body strength, toughens [...]

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Natural Medication to Increase Lactation

Powder Fennel (Saunf) seeds and mix with a glass of milk and take daily. Gingilly seeds help. The mothers should take Lemon twice daily in some form or the other. Being an effective Galactogogue, Sugarcane clears the ducts of the Mammary gland and promotes secretion of milk. Take half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of [...]

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Natural medication for Pain after giving Birth

The mucilaginous jelly formed by infusing one to three drachms of Basil seeds in cold water for sometime is given with jaggery or honey. Long pepper checks haemmorrhage and fever after child birth. Fry Fenugreek seeds in ghee and powder.  Mix with Wheat flour and sugar and make Halwa.  This normalizes a woman’s system after [...]

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Stretch Marks Oil

Cassia Fistula leaves - 50 g.; Gingilly or Coconut oil; Stonegrind the leaves; add oil; boil.  Apply right from the third month of pregnancy.  For dieting people Coconut oil is better suited. Warm 2tbsp.Mustard oil.  Mix 1tbsp.Butter.  apply this all over the abdomen during pregnancy, leave for 30mts. and then take bath. Add 4 drops [...]

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The lack of Vitamin E is also one of the reasons. Practise ACUPRESSURE THERAPY DAILY.  AT LEAST GIVE PRESSURE TREATMENT ON THE TWO SIDES OF THE WRISTS TO PREVENT THE MISCARRIAGE.   URINE PROBLEMS AND SWOLLEN LEGS Take white Radish atleast once a week.  It also makes the delivery easy.   WARNINGS Avoid using magnets [...]

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Labour Pains & Post Natal Care

LABOUR PAINS When the pain starts, roast Jeera (Cummin seeds) in a pan, add a glass of water and boil it.  Reduce it to 1/4th.  It can be taken three times till the pain comes effectively. The use of Cinnamon has been found valuable in reducing labour pain during child-birth.  A decoction of this spice [...]

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