About Vijayalakshmi

Smt. Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naturopath. She has given many lectures at AYUSH, a Govt. of India undertaking. She is also a specialist in Colour Therapy and Organic Farming.

Natural Remedies for Cholesterol

SUNLIGHT Sunlight can bring down blood cholesterol levels dramatically and the human body actually needs Ultra Violet radiation to break down Cholesterol. It seems cholesterol levels go up in winter, just as Vitamin D levels fall and this is related to the amount of sunlight available. REMEDIES Kannappar book reference: Take equal quantities of Fenugreek, Cummin, Turmeric, Black [...]

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STRENGTHENING BONES Garlic should be consumed with warm milk. If there is weakness in the bones or help is required in quick and satisfactory healing of the bones after a fracture, practise Aakash Mudra. AAKASH MUDRA Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Touch the tip of the middle finger of each hand with the tip of the thumb [...]

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How to Increase Your Calcium Level

CALCIUM DEFICIENCY Calcium - Nature abounds with it and in readily assimilable form with Phosphorus and Magnesium in the correct ratios - in all green leafy vegetables and nuts, especially Sesame (Til) seeds and Almonds. Even tiny babies can be given milk made from Sesame seeds, Coconut, Wheat, Almonds, Soya beans, if for some reason mother's milk is not [...]

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Natural remedies for Bronchitis

Juice of Orange (in warm water especially when attack is acute) is good. All fruits are good except Jack fruit and Banana. Basil leaves' decoction, with honey and ginger, is an effective remedy for asthma, bronchitis, influenza, cough and cold. Clove oil, mixed with a little Turpentine, can be beneficially massaged over chest in Bronchitis, Pneumonia and whooping [...]

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Natural Remedies for Blood Purification

BLOOD PURIFICATION Mookkirattai (Punarnava) fresh root can be used. It gives Punar Janma. Take 2 tsp of Castor oil. Roast the roots in it on a light fire. Take a teaspoon of this oil on empty stomach. Single dose is enough. It cures skin problems due to allergies. Take ripe Papaya, Gorakhmundi, Figs, big, dry Raisins or seedless [...]

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Natural Remedies for Bladder Problems

BLADDER INFECTION Corn silk tea or it can be cut into tiny pieces, added to curds and taken. Green Tea has a purifying effect and is very good for the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder. Lady’s finger makes the bladder strong. A teaspoon of Basil seeds mixed in a glass of water with some jaggary or honey [...]

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Bed Wetting Home Remedies

Dissolve root of Sarasaparilla in milk foam and drink on empty stomach in the mornings for 7 days. A glass of solarised Blue water. Half a teaspoon of Gingilly with a quarter tsp of Ajwain should be given at night with water. Even Gingilly and Jaggary Ladoos can be given. Brahmi (Centella Asiatica) powder can be taken [...]

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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

BACK PAIN In periods of painful attacks, massage the whole spine with a mixture of 2 parts Camphor oil and 1 part grated Garlic. 6 months of daily applications of clay will take good care of the most tenacious afflictions. Keep it overnight if possible. If any cold sensation is felt, remove it immediately. Heat it in a [...]

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Natural Remedies for Tuberculosis

PREVENTION OF TUBERCULOSIS Scrap White Pumpkin pieces. Extract juice. Roast the scrapings in ghee. Take 2 kilos of it. Take 35 grams of the powders (each) of hippili, dry Ginger, Yashtimadhu (Licorice), clove, Cardamom, coriander seeds, harda, behda, amla, cinnamon, mace, pepper and cumin. Add 2 kg sugar and half a kg ghee. Make Lehya. Eat a teaspoon of [...]

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