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Sachin A Billion dreams – A review

//Sachin A Billion dreams – A review

Sachin A Billion dreams – A review

Sachin – A Billion Dreams appears more like a documentary played on a big screen than as a movie. So it’s not exactly a movie with a Hero, and a Heroin. Sachin himself is present in most part of the movie. He in fact takes you through his journey.

The movie plays out Sachin Tendulkar’s life almost in its entirety – starting from the day he was born till his retirement from Test Cricket. It’s definitely a must see for all the Cricket followers from any part of the globe and more so for the Indians.

Sachin Tendulkar always had an aura of greatness in him. It was something that differentiated him from all others and made him the crowd favorite. I myself used to see people walking away from TV Sets the moment Sachin got out, people always loved to see him play. The movie reminds us of those moments. Some of his old and rare videos make a surprising visit.

The movie also sheds light on his relationship with Azharuddin and what he thought of Greg Chappel. Especially the Greg Chappel episode has become a dark spot in Indian Cricket History with no one speaking out the truth.  Sachin has revealed what the team went through during those times. Also you will get to recall some of his most memorable innings. It almost appears like a dream.

The movie spends considerable time on Sachin’s family too.  How his wife sacrificed her Medical Career even though she had an M.D in Pediatrics so that Sachin can focus on Cricket, and how his parents and brother supported him all throughout.  It also shows what a great relationship Sachin had with his father and how much he respected him.  You can almost feel his emotions when he explains what he went through after his father’s death.

I feel it’s a great movie for Sachin fans and those who are interested in Cricket.  The Director has succeeded in presenting his biography well and Sachin’s personality emerges clearly as a great Cricketer, a humble human being and a very honest person. It looks a bit long but manageable.  I rate it 4/5.


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