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Baahubali 2, story and review

//Baahubali 2, story and review

Baahubali 2, story and review

Following the huge euphoria created for the release of Baahubali 2.0, I thought of watching this movie once the tickets become available at a saner price.  Yesterday was the day. Since my Telugu knowledge is almost zero, I took to the Hindi version of Baahubali 2.0.

I didn’t expect the first half of this movie to deal with Baahubali 1.0. I thought Kattappa might just say why he killed Baahubali and that the rest of the movie will be about how Shiva (Baahubali’s son) will avenge the death of his father. But it was otherwise and quite rightly so. Kattappa goes on to narrate the story of Baahuali to his son Shiva.  He says after the victory over the Kalakeyas, Baahubali was seen most eligible to rule the kingdom of Mahishmati and is declared as the future King. But his uncle and his son Ballala Deva wanted to rule the kingdom.  Baahubali gets attracted to princess Devasena and follows her into her Kingdom without revealing his true identity as the would be king of Mahishmati.   He conceals his identity by acting like a fool but Devasena senses that he is a warrior and falls in love with him.

In the meantime Ballaladeva learns that Baahubali is in love with Devasena. He also likes her and wants to marry her. Without revealing to his mother Sivagami that Baahubali is in love with Devasena, he takes a promise from her that she will get him married to Devasena.  Queen Sivagami sends lot of gifts with a proposal to Devasena for her marriage with Ballaladeva. Devasena finds the proposal insulting and says that she doesn’t like the proposal and if necessary, she says, the prince can marry her Sword. Enraged by her answer Sivagami sends a message to Baahubali asking him to bring Devasena as a Prisoner of War.  In the meanwhile Baahubali rescues Devasena’s kingdom from attackers by using his extraordinary war skills and his true identity is revealed to Devasena. But when Devasena learns that Baahubali’s mother wants her to be made a PoW, she refuses to go with him saying that it hurts her self dignity and even offers to fight with Baahubali. Baahubali promises her that he will always protect her dignity and requests her to go with him.

When Devasena is produced in the court of Sivagami, she says that it is Baahubali whom she loves and wants to marry and that she can’t marry a person like Ballala deva of whom she has a very low opinion. Sivagami commands Devasena to be arrested but Baahubali stands by her keeping the promise that he had made her. Enraged by this apparent show of disrespect, Sivagami orders that Ballaladeva will become the King of Mahishmati and not Bahubali. Bahubali accepts the decree without murmur. Baahubali marries Devasena and is also appointed as the Commander in Chief of Mahishmati Army. Ballala Deva becomes the King.

The increasing popularity of Baahubali among the people doesn’t go well with King Ballala Deva and he wants to somehow get rid of Baahubali. First he relieves him from the post of Army Chief and Devasena will be treated at par with ordinary citizens of Mahishmati. Devasena cuts the fingers of Army Chief when he misbehaves with women in Temple and also tried to touch Devasena herself. Baahubali cuts down the head of Army Chief in front of the whole assembly for trying to outrage the modesty of his wife. Baahubali and his wife Devasena both will both be sent out of palace and they go and live with common people who rejoice that Baahubali has come to live with them.

Notwithstanding Baahubali’s popularity with the masses, the king conspires to have him killed. He gives the impression to the Rajamata Sivagami that Baahubali is conspiring against the Mahishmati Kingdom.  Falling into his trap, Sivagami orders Kattappa to kill Baahubali.  Kattapa kills Baahubali by stabbing him from behind and later tells him that he was just following the decree of the Queen. But soon Kattappa learns that the King had conspired and informs Sivagami of the same. Devasena gives birth to Baahubali’s son on the same day. Sivagami announces the new born as the King of Mahishmati. But by then it will be too late.  The King tries to kill Sivagami, Devasena and the new born too. Sivagami escapes with the newborn despite shot at by an arrow by her own Son. She hands over the newborn to the Adivasis of the forest before being carried away by the water current. Devasena will be imprisoned by the King and will be treated very inhumanely by him.

Rest of the Story is about Shiva(Baahubali’s Son) defeating Ballala Deva and releasing his mother and also becoming the King.

Now, the observations

  1. Baahubali’s role is superbly played by Prabhas. He keeps everyone glued to the screen. Especially his spirit of warriorship is breathtaking.  He loves people and people love him. That’s one chief characteristic feature of Hindu Kings in the past.  His acting has come superb when he defends his wife Devasena and cuts down the throat of the offender. Overall he has acted wonderfully well.
  2. Devasena is perhaps the center of the movie. Her approach to life and the expression of dignity befitting a royal princess has come out really well.
  3. Villains never impress
  4. Kattapa has acted well but his abusive comments on Kannadigas that was shown to the public before the release of the movie somehow will be on the back of your mind (If you are a kannadiga) and you can’t appreciate him much. It is again our principle of Character first and Acting next.
  5. Tamannah has nothing much to do in this movie except shooting few arrows.
  6. Graphics are used a bit overly perhaps. But the concept of a boat becoming an Aeroplane is something that was amusing.

All in all, a good movie. But if you are little bit into philosophy you will start thinking that so much trouble for a bit of power.



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