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Ability on Wheels, empowering People with disabilities

//Ability on Wheels, empowering People with disabilities

Ability on Wheels, empowering People with disabilities

ABILITY ON WHEELS is an effort to encourage the people with disabilities (PWDs) to take a big leap towards leading a normal life by being able to drive on their own.

Objectives of Ability On Wheels Charitable Trust


  • An exclusive motor driving training school using modified / customized cars as per the disability (restricted to Locomotors Disability of bones, joints or muscles in upper or lower limbs)
  • Education on rules, regulations & processes related to purchase of vehicles, modifications required, its registration and guidance on how to get the associated benefits in Road Tax, Insurance etc & over above all how to get a driving license.
  • Getting their vehicles modified / customised by being the channel between PWD’s & RTO approved modification kit manufacturers.
  • To generate employment by opening up driving as one of the professions that can be undertaken
  • To support PWD’s in getting loans under various schemes of State / Central government
  • To provide wheel chair accessible vehicles on rental basis for smooth commutings
  • To organise various events showcasing achievements of PWD’s in close association with other NGO’s working for the betterment of PWD’s
  • To promote their self esteem & the philosophy that “The only disability in life is a lack of good attitude”
  • To encourage corporates to extend support to the initiative of Mobility Services for PWD’s as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
  • To suggest welfare schemes to the Government in the area of Mobility Services for the PWD’s

For more details please visit  http://www.abilityonwheels.org/


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