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Destination North East 2017: Exploring Tourism Potential of North East India

Security and Connectivity wise, NER states are safe and good: says Shri Gautam Chintey

On the inaugural day of the Destination North East 2017 in Chandigarh today, in one of the technical session on Exploring Tourism Potential of North East India, Adviser (Banking, Industry and Tourism), North Eastern Council, Shri Gautam Chintey, said that air connectivity within the North Eastern states has improved now. He said that there are 7 entry points to North Eastern states and security and connectivity wise, NER states are safe and convenient.v Dhian Chand of PHD Chamber said that there is a requirement of tourism packages for north eastern states in order to promote tourism in NER. He further said that tourism has great potential for generating income and opportunities in the North East India. There is also a requirement of Tourism Development Policy in respect of North East by the Government, he added. Shri Dhian Chand said that more emphasis should be there on the development of tourism infrastructure. He said that there is need for Special Task Force for developing tourism industry in NER as there are huge investment opportunities in NER such as Adventure Tourism, Wildlife Tourism and Religious and Cultural Tourism.

Shri Manmohan Singh Kohli, representing the hotel industry, said that there is a requirement of developing more air connectivity to North Eastern Region (NER) in order to reduce travel time.

Shri Arvind Malhotra GM (Tourism), CITCO, Chandigarh said that there is a need for developing small tourism circuits within the country.

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